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Our history

The Château Tour Saint Christophe is a mid-18th century property, located at the limit between the two villages of Saint-Émilion and Saint Christophe des Bardes. Consisting of 16 hectares on the northern clay and limestone hills of Saint Emilion, the château overlooks beautiful ancient dry stone terraces restored by hand as original during a complete renovation of the estate ordered by the owners Peter Kwok and his daughter Elaine in 2012, preserving the richness of the legacy from the past.


Our wines

Last name Sales price Guide Taste profile Aging potential
Château Tour Saint Christophe30 à 40 €
Château Haut Brisson30 à 40 €
Château La Patache - Pomerol30 à 40 €
Enclos de Viaud - Lalande de Pomerol10 à 15 €
Enclos Tourmaline - Pomerol> 100 €
Château Bellefont-Belcier50 à 100 €
Château Le Rey15 à 20 €


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