Le Dôme de Saint Emilion

Saint Emilion Grand cru

Grand Cru


The Origins

Dive into the heart of our history! From the acquisition of Château Teyssier to the creation of Le Dôme winery, take a tour of our facilities and discover our vision of wine.

The tour ends with a glass of Pezat white and a glass of Château Teyssier.

30€ 每人



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Le Dôme

A real immersion in the Garagistes movement from the 1990s to the present day! At the crossroads of fields, between avant-garde winemaking methods and architectural secrets, set off to discover this incredible showcase, Le Dôme.

The tour ends with a glass of Vieux Château Mazerat and a glass of Le Dôme.

50€ 每人



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Tasting workshop and wine services (groups of 6 to 8 people or 12 to 14 people)

At what temperature should wine be kept? What conditions are required for good ageing? At what temperature should the wine be served? What type of glass should use? Is it better to decant the wine? For how long?

So many questions we’ve all asked ourselves!

Following a guided tour of Le Dôme, this workshop offers answers through a comparative tasting approach: a freshly opened wine versus a decanted wine, the impact of the choice of glass, advice on storage and service, whether the wine is from a recent or old vintage.

75€ 每人
  •   1小时30
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Iacovino Paul and Lindsey - 2024/05/20
Visite Le Dôme

Fabulous experience. We had previously visited Chateau Teyssier and were keen to see the new space at Le Dome. Extremely informative and interesting tour, followed by tasting two exceptional wines. Jonathan Malthus is a trailblazer in his industry. If you have an interest in Bordeaux region wine, this experience is not to be missed.

Vitorino Sandra - 2024/05/03
Visite les origines

Wonderful visit to Le Dôme guided by the unsurpassable Louic! Thank you very much

Rea Brendan - 2024/05/03
Visite Le Dôme

This estate and its wines are among the greats. It was an incredible visit and tasting! Will recommend to everyone that asks and many who don’t!

探索距离酒店不到20公里的城堡 Le Dôme de Saint Emilion